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Sentinel Aerospace provides only the highest quality aircraft parts and spares. We operate under the ASA100 Quality Assurance standard and are fully compliant under the provisions of FAA Advisory Circular No. 00-56B. Sentinel’s Quality Assurance System is developed to meet and exceed the requirements of ATA, FAA, and EASA and is always continuing to improve all internal processes. Our secure, climate-controlled warehousing facility in the dry air of Arizona, provides us with the ideal place to store your climate-sensitive aircraft parts.

Consistent and Reliable Parts

Sentinel Aerospace is committed to the most stringent quality controls. We continuously monitor and audit our supply chain, to ensure that we are obtaining and stocking only the highest quality rotables, expendables, and avionics. When selecting our repair partners, we select only the finest 145 repair facilities, that provide the highest quality work and longest warranties in the industry.All materials supplied by Sentinel Aerospace are provided with applicable FAA 8130-3, EASA, and CAAC certifications, and are fully traceable to OEMs, major FAA 121/129, and other national carriers.
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We continue to be indispensable to aviators, both large and small, all across the globe.

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